How Can I Get Involved?

Student clubs and organizations are a great way for students to gain experience and leadership within their areas of interest.  Participation in clubs and organizations assists students in networking with peers, faculty, and staff and fosters growth and academic and career development.

Below is a list of the current clubs and organizations on the Chanute campus of NCCC.  Students interested in participating in any of these clubs should contact the sponsor listed within each description.

    Academic Excellence Challenge Team
      • Compete against other students from Kansas community colleges in a format similar to scholar bowl.  To be eligible the student must be enrolled in at least 6 hours, have earned at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA, taken no more than 72 credit hours, and may not have a degree.  Students can compete for a maximum of two years.  Contact Mindy Ayers (

    Art Club
      • Provides educational activities in the visual arts for club members and the campus community.  Promotes the practical  and cultural value of art, as well as the development of personal creativity and art career awaremeness.  Open to all students interested in art.  Contact Brad Wilkinson (

    Black Student Union
      • The Black Student Union promotes a general understanding of all black cultures and their heritage. The organization also assists and supports black students and serves as a representative of all minority students of NCCC on all issues of public interests and/or concerns. Membership is open to anyone wishing to be a part of the club’s goals and prospected purposes. Contact person: Luka Kapkiai, (

    Business Club
      • Open to all majors in the area of business, with an objective to provide social, career, and educational activities pertaining to business.  Contact Linda Jones (

    Crafting of Yarn Club
      • Promotes the understanding of the needle arts, to foster creativity and healthy social interaction.  At least one community service activity will be done each academic year and membership is open to all students.  Contact Ann Neff (

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes
      • Mission stated as "to present to athletes and coaches, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowships and in the fellowship of the Church."  

    Honors Program
      • Offers a unique and challenging learning experience to students with the desire to excel.  Students graduating from the program must complete at least 12 hours of Honors courses, have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3, and fulfill all other requirements of the Honors Program.  Contact Mindy Ayers (

    International Student Club
      • Promotes understanding and good will among students of different nations and cultures, to share ideas and diverse perspectives in solutions to identified problems.  Members take part in a number of community services where information about varying cultures are shared.  Membership is open to all NCCC students.  Contact Sarah Cadwallader (

    Literature and the Movies Club
      • Meets once monthly throughout the academic year, comparing and contrasting various pieces of literature with their film counterpart.  Contact Mary Weilert (

    KANS-Nursing Student Association
      • Nursing students are encouraged to become active members in KANS (Kansas Association of Nursing Students). Membership in this organization gives the student an opportunity to learn and practice leadership skills and network with students from other schools of nursing and nurses at state and national levels. It also prepares the student to be active in a professional organization after graduation. KANS is open to all pre-nursing students in addition to those enrolled in the nursing program. Activities are related to school, social, and community projects. Contact Nancy Carpenter (

    Mary Grimes Student Nurse Association (MGSNA)
      • Open to all students accepted into the nursing program, promoting leadership development and professionalism through various opportunities in nursing.  Contact Leigh Scharff (

    Music Club
      • Open to all NCCC students, with its purpose to develop appreciation for all types of music within the College community.  Club members enjoy live performances, field trips, and discussions about various music issues.  Contact Alan Murray (

    National Technical Honor Society (NTHS)
      • Promotion of scholarship, leadership, service, and cultivation of fellowship among qualified students of the College.  Members are those who excel in both school work and the community.  Contact Will Jordan (

    Panther Historian Club
      • Objective to provide social career, and educational activities within the realm of history and social sciences.  Contact Mindy Ayers (

    Panther Players
      • For those interested in theatre, members will attend various productions throughout the year and meet at least once a month to discuss club meetings and upcoming/past events.  

    Phi Theta Kappa
      • An academic honor society dedicated to promoting scholarship, development of leadership and service, and the cultivation of fellowship among qualified students of this College.  Membership rules apply - see the Student Handbook for more details.  Contact Luka Kapkiai ( or Rita Drybread (

    Science and Mathematics Club
      • This organization is for students with an interest in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics.  The club offers all students opportunities to get involved with activities, guest speakers, and field trips, as well as several service activities throughout the year.  Contact Andrew Ouellette (

    Student Ambassadors
      • Students are selected by student services staff to represent the College at various College and community functions.  Ambassadors will also participate in various community service projects throughout the year.  Contact Erica Mudd (

    Student Senate
      • This is the governing agency of the student body, with its goal to promote student interests in all phases of campus life.  Membership is through election by peers. Contact Allison Ouellette ( 

    Volunteer Opportunities (click here for a link to the Grant Aid Community Service Form):

    Chanute Art Gallery -620-431-7807 (Ask for Elly)

    Chanute Headstart- 620-431-2789

    Chanute Public Library-620-431-3820

    Cherry Street Youth Center- 620-431-2161

    Commodities – (Low Income Food Dist.) First Baptist Church, 431-2910 (ask for Jackie Aday)

    Chanute Elementary School- 432-2530 (Ask for a Secretary)


    Royster Middle School- 432-2520 (Ask for Lori Kiblinger, Assistant Principal)

    NCCC Marketing and Development- 620-431-2820 ex 243

    NCCC Talent Search- 620-431-2820 ex 517

    NCCC Upward Bound- 620-431-2820 ex 220

    Tri-Valley Developmental Services -620-431-1088 (Ask for Shirley)

    US Marines Toys for Tots -714-315-1562 (Ask for Dick)