Career Spotlights

"Don't wait until it's too late to get involved in the field.  Working with faculty as a research and teaching assistant helped me to realize that I wanted to use my degree [in Psychology] in the education field..."

-Kyle Bures, STARS Transfer/Career Advisor

Welcome to one of the newest features of the STARS/SSS Career Advising Center blog, "Career Spotlights." These profiles feature individuals in a number of occupations, from a variety of academic backgrounds, and are meant to provide you with the opportunity to "visit" with those who are already in the field you are interested in.  There are also opportunities available to interview professionals yourself to ask more detailed questions. The list is still small - but will continue to grow over time, so please keep checking back for more profiles!

The various career profiles are listed below, sorted by major and by occupational title.  
  1. Click the majors/occupations for a downloadable/printable version of the survey responses, 
  2. Click the question mark to learn more about their respective academic programs, or
  3. Click the exclamation point $ for information about job outlook.
Looking for a challenge? Test your major/career matching skills by trying to pair up the academic disciplines with their respective occupations. You may be surprised how certain majors can open doors to various careers!

By Major:
Agricultural Economics   #
Animal Behavior   #
Biochemistry   #
Biology   #
Business Administration (Management)  #
Business Administration (Marketing)   #
English   #
Health Services Administration   #
Kinesiology   #
Liberal Arts   #
Mass Communications   #
Math Education  #
Nursing   #
Psychology   #
Psychology   #
Radiologic Technology   #
Sociology   #

By Occupation:
Academic Advisor   $
Billing Advisor 
Biology Instructor   $
Communications Specialist   $
Corporate Trainer   $
English/Reading Specialist   $
Financial Advisor   $
Human Resources Assistant    $
Insurance Representative   $
Math/Science Specialist   $
Middle School Math Coordinator  $
Nuclear Medicine/CT Technologist   $
Psychologist   $
Registered Nurse   $
Sales Representative   $
Sales Representative   $
TRiO Director   $

*Visit with the Transfer/Career Advisor to learn more about these opportunities and how to contact the individuals to set up an interview.

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Anonymous said...

This part of the Blog is really cool! The different stories of how people got to where they are in their careers is eye-opening and makes me feel bettter about my major and the possibilities it may lead to.