Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ways #3 and #4 to not get hired.

3. Fill up the page with distracting features. Being creative doesn't mean using multiple fonts and font colors, or adding clip art of your favorite flower in the corner. These features serve only to distract the reader and draw their attention away from what you are wanting them to see - how your experience and education are a good fit for the position advertised. Or maybe they're not. In that case, you shouldn't be applying.

4. Providing personal references. Let's keep it professional folks. Although a family member or long time friend may be willing to give you a glowing review when called, they are unable to speak to your abilities and provide concrete examples of your successes in the work place. Try and keep your references limited to those who've supervised you. Take it a step further and keep your references limited to the field/type of work you are applying for.

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