Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Creativity + Major/Course Selection = Greater Marketability

Not quite sure how to select a major? Or maybe not sure how to transform your chosen major into an interesting career?

I myself was an open-option student as I set forth to attend college for the first time, so I realize the burden on students who are undecided.  The best thing I did to explore my interests was to take coursework that appealed to me. In doing so you ay discover new interests, expand on existing ones, or realize a program may not be for you after all.  For me, sampling courses in the field of psychology left me interested to take more - so I declared it as my major.

Once you've tested the water and selected a major (or at least narrowed your choices), create your own unique course selection to build around your career interest. Avoid getting so locked in on completing core requirements and taking the "easiest" general education classes on campus.  Invest time into selecting a group of classes that you can use to identify yourself when later applying for jobs.  I chose to get involved in research opportunities within the psychology department, and also taught recitations for introductory psychology courses.  Other opportunities may be studying abroad, or learning a new language.  Experiences such as these help your resume climb to the top of the pile.

Being undecided is not the end of the world, but if you don't use the opportunity wisely you may find yourself behind...

By using creativity and being imaginative in your selection you can develop your own personalized major that will increase your marketability.  Then, after graduation you can use your interdisciplinary background to appeal to and impress potential employers.  And in today's economy, every bit helps.

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