Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First-hand experience

As seen in the ESPN video, Gonzaga basketball standout, Steven Gray, took a leap of faith and immersed himself into a unique study abroad opportunity.

Broadening cultural horizons and gaining first-hand experience can sometimes be the best way to discover your niche.  STARS students Hallea Geiger and Kayla Ramsey have made the decision to volunteer through a mission trip to Uganda, working with children in the local community during their stay.

Although NCCC does not have a study abroad program, opportunities like these to become a more global citizen, and gain valuable experience in the field are everywhere.  Students can start by enrolling in courses like Interpersonal Communication, Psychology, Sociology, and World Religions to gain a better understanding of various peoples and how best to communicate effectively. 

Many 4-year colleges have offices staffed specifically for helping students prepare for and transition to study abroad locations.  Other post-graduation opportunities include AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps, and Teach for America which allow students to work in disadvantaged areas, gain valuable experience, and qualify for loan deferment and payoff assistance.

Whether traveling afar or getting involved in your own community, hands-on experience can prove to be extremely valuable during future job searches.  Employers in every field are constantly looking for battle-tested applicants who've demonstrated the ability to work with diverse populations.  Be sure to document your experiences and dates for use on resumes later on.

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Study abroad sounds really cool. This could lead to a good future article when these STARS students return from their trip.