Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New opportunities in STARS provide students chance to build experience in interest areas

This coming fall, students will have the chance to get involved with STARS in a whole new way.  Positions for a Student Videographer (paid), numerous Student Journalists, and Comic Artists for the monthly newsletter will all be open for application.

These opportunities offer you the chance to gain valuable experience in the area you are studying, or provide an avenue to explore new areas.  Either way, they are great resume builders for undergraduate students.  Below are job descriptions for these positions:

Student Videographer
STARS is looking for a responsible student to record workshops and events and/or develop videos for promotional use. This is your chance to display your creativity and put your computer savvy to the test.  Pay will start at $8/hr. If you are interested contact Bart Chaney ( for more details.

Student Journalist
STARS is interested in a few good men and women who would like to gain some writing experience. Opportunities include but are not limited to writing themed articles for the monthly newsletter, the transfer, career, or current events blogs, or the bulletin boards. This is a great chance to build your resume and work one on one with STARS Staff. Cover a student event on campus, compare and contrast campus visits, research a potential career.  Use your creative side to gain notariety on campus for your writing skills.  Contact Kyle Bures ( or Grace Riebel ( for more details.

Comic Artist/Graphic Artist
Express your artistic talent by creating a brief comic strip for the monthly newsletter. Pitch us your idea and it may be in next month’s issue!  Another option may be to develop artwork for use on future STARS publications (brochures, newsletters, logos, t-shirts, etc.).  Either way, build your portfolio with STARS!  Contact Kyle Bures ( for more details.

Gaining experience and expanding your interests can be key in career development - fleshing out your resume and building relationships and establishing references can be beneficial in getting your foot in the door for future opportunities.

Don't miss out!  Let us know of your interest as soon as possible!

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