Monday, June 7, 2010

Using Holland Codes to Explore Majors/Careers

Are you looking to explore your interests? One quick and simple way to do so is to take a brief Personality Quiz to receive your Holland Code. John Holland discovered six basic personality types by which job seekers can be categorized, issuing them a code which can offer insight on work environments that may be satisfying for the individual to work in.

The Quiz.
The quiz consists of a simple checklist of items that the individual must go through, selecting each item that is appealing. Then the quiz is scored, tallying checks in each of the areas (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional), ranking them in order.

Quizzes can be found at the following links:
Online Version
PDF Version

The Results.
Say for instance you scored 4 in the Social, 3 in the Realistic, and 3 in the Conventional. Then your code would be SRC (or SCR). This suggests that you are most strongly tied to the Social Category, so you may want to look for any majors/careers below that list S first to start out with.  This is meant to be a general suggestion of what work environments you may be satisfied in, and allows you to search for careers/majors in these areas, possibly opening new doors to explore.

The Match.
After researching the majors at NCCC, I assigned them codes. You can now use YOUR code and try and find potential matches to your personality right here at NCCC. Printed Holland Personality Quizzes, Type Descriptions, and Holland Codes for NCCC Majors can be found in the CAVE!

For codes to majors not listed here, see the Transfer/Career Advisor in the CAVE.

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