Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"What are you going to school for?"

If you are planning to spend the Easter holiday surrounded by your Uncle Jim and Aunt Carol you see twice a year, it is inevitable that you will hear this question.  Although hearing it year after year can be as annoying as the dreaded "cheek pinch", it's a question worth reflecting on...

In my case, I was undecided for half of the time I was in college, and a psychology major for the other half (a major that a large majority of the general population is quite confused about).  So responding to this question was always an interesting task.

The point is, you should take some time to think about it.  What is your major?  What related experience have you gained?  Internships, Student Assistantships, Clubs/Activities, Work Study, and Volunteer Work are all examples of things you can be doing NOW to help beef up your resume.

And what better time to discuss these opportunities than with family members who are, or have been, employed in a number of different fields.  Take the chance to ask them what their degrees were in, what experiences they gained to prepare for their careers, and more importantly - what opporunities they may be able to provide you with through their work.  You may discover new interests, or affirm existing ones.  Either way you are networking with others and putting your interests out in the open.

So take some time this Holiday to look past the good food, and be prepared to use the opportunity to share your plans and do a little research.  It may pay off in the end!

For more resources on resume production and major/career options, visit with Kyle in the CAVE or check out the links to the right.

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